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"I.Con Twins were awarded the highest merit on LAMDA and Rockschool certifications within the same year!"
"Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightly and Richard Harris were also LAMDA alumni!."
"Ed Sheeran obtained Rockschool certification as well!"
"America's Got Talent semi-finalist, Celine Tam's vocal coach worked with I.Con Twins!"
"I.Con Twins was associated with the legendary Michael Jackson's mentor and coach, Bobby Taylor!"

A Mission Steeped in Passion


When I.Con Twins aren’t performing, they are vocal coaching. They were each awarded Distinction on their Grade 8 London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) certification. LAMDA is a renowned certification that combines musical theatre, acting and vocal performance. Artists like Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and Richard Harris are a few of the notable alumni. Within the same year, they also obtained Distinction on the internationally recognized vocal performance Rockschool certification. The award-winning singer, songwriter, Ed Sheeran is also an alumni of Rockschool’s renowned programs.  

As advocates of lifelong learning, I.Con Twins has a keen interest in seeking current vocal techniques and methodologies. They had the opportunity to work with America’s Got Talent semi-finalist and Hong Kong’s child star, Celine Tam’s father and vocal coach, Dr. Steve Tam.

I.Con Twins are always seeking collaboration opportunities as they believe that partnership is an effective way to actively share and interchange coaching experiences between industry professionals. They recently collaborated with Mr. Jason Ng, an apprentice of Michael Jackson’s mentor and coach, the late Bobby Taylor, to take part in spearheading the NG Junior x I.Con Twins Vocal Program.

With I.Con Twins professionalism and unique teaching techniques, they are regularly invited to act as guest judges for kids and adults singing competitions throughout Hong Kong and China.

Music is a universal language and instrument that connects people from all ages and backgrounds.

Not only does I.Con Twins strives to unleash the young learners’ unique voices, their mission is to help them develop self-confidence, self-expression and self-awareness through music.

Due to I.Con Twins’ dual professions as performers and vocal coaches, they have the perfect combination of skills and experience to mentor young learners.

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