A Story Steeped in Passion

I.Con Twins is an identical twin harmony duo, consisting of Calvina Poon and Carmina Poon. Calvina & Carmina are Chinese-Canadian singers songwriters.


The duo have grown a reputation for their angelic harmonies and strong vibrato.

I.Con Twins stands for I am CONfident. Though it is not easy to build a career from scratch, the duo believes that as long as you have self-confidence, you can cut through insecurities, conquer fears and unlock your full potential. It's never too late!

I.Con Twins create Conscious Pop music to INSPIRE, spread POSITIVITY and CONFIDENCE.

In 2019, I.Con Twins self-launched their debut single, "Setting Fires (Acoustic)" on one of Hong Kong's largest broadcasting stations, RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong)

I.Con Twins are the composers and lyricists of "Setting Fires." 

They are looking forward to sharing more music with their supporters! 


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"I.Con Twins is the ultimate mover and shaker. They are a dynamic duo!"

- Saadia Usmani, BBC Host & RTHK Producer

"I.Con Twins killed it at their RAW Reflect Showcase! Can't wait to see them both on stage again!"

- Michelle Bylow, Director of Canada at RAW Artists

Born in Calgary, Alberta, and being raised in an Asian household surrounded by music played from a karaoke machine, I.Con Twins grew a natural passion for music. From a young age, they were singing, performing and competing. As strong advocates for education, the duo graduated from the University of Calgary with Bachelor degrees in Science and a minor in Business.

As life progressed, the practicality parts of life overshadowed their passion and drive for music. It was after their soul-searching trip in Hong Kong that the missing piece of their jig-sawed lives became apparent. The part that was submerged in their childhood finally resurfaced.


In 2016, the duo made the difficult decision to move away from their friends and family, sacrificed their six-figures soaring banking careers in Calgary, packed their bags and moved to Hong Kong to cultivate their passion for music. This gave rise to I.Con Twins!

Since then, they have been sweeping through the Hong Kong music scene with their cool yet amiable stage presence and strong, thick harmonized vocals. Their dedication, passion and hard work have led them to many successes in all walks of life; competing and making to Top 30 out of thousands of contestants on large stages like Sing! China Hong Kong (The Voice of China), performing at MGM Resorts International, making public appearances, all the while creating their own music and lyrics.


"I.Con Twins is a talented duo with high potential to suceed in the music industry."

- The Voice of China Hong Kong


They believe music is a universal language that everyone understands no matter what tongue they speak. Through music stories are told, emotions are shared, messages are conveyed and connections are formed. Music empowers people to take risks, make changes and set fires to their lives.

I.Con Twins are advocates of lifelong learning and personal development. In 2017, the duo were each awarded Distinction on their Grade 8 London Academy of Music & Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) certification. Within the same year, they also obtained Distinction on the internationally recognized vocal performance Rockschool certification.


Although their music journey began in Hong Kong, one of their goals is to have the opportunity to perform live as I.Con Twins in their hometown, Calgary. In 2019, through their partnership with the LA-based international independent artist organization, RAW Artists, I.Con Twins debuted their performance in Calgary.


Now, while travelling between Hong Kong and Canada, I.Con Twins continues to hone their craft, share their message and to evolve as performing artists and Conscious music singer-songwriters.

"I.Con Twins are all about ‘Setting Fires’ to conventional expectations."

- Chris Gillett, South China Morning Post

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