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Setting Fires


Composed by Calvina Poon, Carmina Poon

Lyrics by Calvina Poon, Carmina Poon

Produced by Logout Fan, Tomy Ho

Recorded at Pool Music Studio, Hong Kong

We were bankers. We had once thought it would make us happy when we got to the top of the corporate ladder. So we climbed and climbed and finally we achieved our goals. But when we got there, we were unhappy. We were unfulfilled. 

What was missing? 

That's when we took a leap of faith, quit our jobs, gave up our entire lives and moved to a brand new country to cultivate our passion for music. 

And that is why we wrote this song. 

We hope that when you listen to our song, "Setting Fires," it will spark your inner fire and inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, pull that burning passion out of you to take the leap, make a change and set fires to your life.

This is our song, "Setting Fires."

Setting Fires (Acoustic) (PART 1)


We’ve created two versions of “Setting Fires” to bring our audience on the journey of self-transformation. This song is dedicated to those who want to make a change in their lives but are afraid to do so. The first steps to change is acceptance and release. That’s why we’ve created “Setting Fires (Acoustic)” to help others release their negative feelings and to tell them you’re not alone.

Throughout “Setting Fires (Acoustic),” listeners are drawn into an emotional journey with the gradual addition of orchestral instruments and Latin percussion to the melodious tune from the piano. 

Setting Fires (PART 2)

“Setting Fires” (Part 2) gets people on their feet! After acceptance and emotional release, the second stage in self-transformation is to take action! We hope that “Setting Fires” can inspire people and kick-start the process with them.


We used the layering of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, double bass, synthesizers, drums, bongos and maracas to create an upbeat, rhythmic and Latin vibe for listeners to get up, move their bodies and take action towards self-transformation. 


We experienced transformation when we transitioned from bankers to singer-songwriters and performing artists. We hope everyone who can relate will set fires to their lives and experience transformation.

Setting Fires (Acoustic) (Part 1) MV

Setting Fires (Part 2) MV

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