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//  Origin:  Calgary, AB

//   Based in Hong Kong & Calgary

//  Genre:  Conscious Pop

//   English, Cantonese, Mandarin

//  Years Active:  2016- Present

//  Performing Artists/Singer-Songwriters

//  Website:  www.icontwinsofficial.com

Bio Summary

I.Con Twins is an identical twin harmony duo, consisting of Calvina Poon and Carmina Poon. Calvina & Carmina are Chinese-Canadian singers-songwriters and performing artists.

The duo have grown a reputation for their belting notes and strong vibrato. 

I.Con Twins stands for I am CONfident . Though it is not easy to build a career from scratch, the duo believes that as long as you have self-confidence, you can cut through insecurities, conquer fears and unlock your full potential. It's never too late to live a better and freer life!

I.Con Twins create Conscious Pop music to INSPIRE, spread POSITIVITY and CONFIDENCE. 

In 2016, the duo made the difficult decision to move away from their friends and family, sacrificed their six-figures soaring banking careers in Calgary, packed their bags and moved to Hong Kong to cultivate their passion for music. This gave rise to I.Con Twins!

I.Con Twins started in 2016 and have been sweeping through the Hong Kong music scene with their cool yet amiable stage presence and strong, thick harmonized vocals. Their hard work have led them to many successes in all walks of life; competing and making to Top 30 out of thousands of contestants on large stages like Sing! China Hong Kong (The Voice of China), performing at MGM Resorts International, making public appearances, all the while creating their own music and lyrics. 


In 2019, through their partnership with the LA-based international independent artist organization, RAW Artists, I.Con Twins debuted their performance in Canada with an audience that filled a 3500sq ft venue.

Now, while travelling between Hong Kong and Canada, I.Con Twins continues to hone their craft, shared their message and evolve as international performing artists.

In 2019, I.Con Twins self-launched their debut single, "Setting Fires (Acoustic)" on one of Hong Kong's largest broadcasting stations, RTHK (Radio Television Hong Kong). 

I.Con Twins are the composers and lyricists of "Setting Fires." 

They are looking forward to sharing more music with their supporters! 


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Setting Fires Inspiration

Composed by I.Con Twins

Lyrics by I.Con Twins

We were bankers. We had once thought it would make us happy when we got to the top of the corporate ladder. So we climbed and climbed and finally we achieved our goals. But when we got there, we were unhappy. We were unfulfilled. 

What was missing?


That's when we took a leap of faith, quit our jobs, gave up our entire lives and moved to a brand new country to cultivate our passion for music. 

And that is why we wrote this song. 

We hope that when you listen to our song, "Setting Fires," it will spark something in you and inspire you to get out of your comfort zone, pull that burning passion out of you to take the leap, make a change and set fires to your life.

This is our song, "Setting Fires."



• Setting Fires Debut Performance x T&T CNY Festival, Canada

          Debut Performance

• Go Wild Camping Line Friends, Hong Kong

          Special Guest Performers

RF2 Mini Concert

          Special Guest Performers

• Songkran Thai Water Festival


• Hong Kong Commercial Chamber

   HK Convention & Exhibition Center

          Special Guest Performers

• RAW Reflect Showcase

   Calgary, AB Canada



• Sparkling Christmas Night Event

   The Park Lane Hotel Hong Kong

          Special Guest Performers

• 69th Anniversary For People's Republic of China Annual Gala

          Special Guest Performers

• Ramago Watch Product Launch

          Special Guests/Models

• Hong Kong Computer & Communications Festival 2018


• Hindi Medium Private Screening

          Special Guests/Interviewees

• Hong Kong International Darts Festival


• J&K Wedding


• Mrs. Fields X Tama & Friends 35th Birthday


• Colors of Wind Private Screening

         Special Guests

• Swiss International Commercial

         Lead Actors

• Abi Fashion Pre Launch Event


• TVB Dragon Boat Race 2018


• Aberdeen Dragon Boat Race 2018


• Angel Beauty Commercial

         Lead Actors/Hosts


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