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The Hero Inside


“The Hero Inside” is the first single we’re releasing from our upcoming debut Neo-Chinese Conscious Pop mini album. As Chinese-Canadians, we aim to bridge the Eastern and Western cultures by connecting Chinese orchestral elements and contemporary Pop in our new music. We hope to empower listeners to confidently embrace their cultures and their authentic selves.  


In our transformational journey from banking to music, we’ve experienced many silent battles we don’t always talk about.


We wrote “The Hero Inside” during a time when we felt lost, trapped and alone. We felt so helpless we were crying for help inside. We wished someone could hear us, see us and help us.


That’s why we wrote “The Hero Inside” to remind ourselves that we all have an inner hero to fight our battles. We hold the reins in our journey.


We hope “The Hero Inside” gives you strength and confidence to keep going, keep believing and keep fighting for You. 

The Hero Inside (Lyric Video)

I.Con Twins Transformation Story:
Setting Fires

I.Con Twins Album Cover - Setting Fires (Acoustic).png

Setting Fires (Acoustic) (PART 1)


We’ve created two versions of “Setting Fires” to bring our audience on the journey of self-transformation. This song is dedicated to those who want to make a change in their lives but are afraid to do so. The first steps to change is acceptance and release. That’s why we’ve created “Setting Fires (Acoustic)” to help others release their negative feelings and to tell them you’re not alone.

Throughout “Setting Fires (Acoustic),” listeners are drawn into an emotional journey with the gradual addition of orchestral instruments and Latin percussion to the melodious tune from the piano. 

Setting Fires (PART 2)

“Setting Fires” (Part 2) gets people on their feet! After acceptance and emotional release, the second stage in self-transformation is to take action! We hope that “Setting Fires” can inspire people and kick-start the process with them.


We used the layering of acoustic guitars, electric guitars, double bass, synthesizers, drums, bongos and maracas to create an upbeat, rhythmic and Latin vibe for listeners to get up, move their bodies and take action towards self-transformation. 


We experienced transformation when we transitioned from bankers to singer-songwriters and performing artists. We hope everyone who can relate will set fires to their lives and experience transformation.

Setting Fires (Acoustic) (Part 1) MV

Setting Fires (Part 2) MV

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